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ISLAMABAD: The long awaited auction of Pakistan’s digital spectrum stayed on track after sale of 3G and 4G licences raised over $1.1 billion in the auction on Wednesday, opening the door for next-generation communication technology in the country. Though disappointingly, only one 4G licences was bought.

All the four local telecom companies, who had qualified for the economy, managed to win a slice of 3G spectrum (2100 MHz) pie put on offer. Zong though managed to claim one of the two 4G licences (1800 MHz each).

Zong was the highest bidder in the 3G auciton, claiming a 10 MHz 3G band licence, qualifying for the 4G licence.

Mobilink bagged the other 10 MHz 3G licence on the auction block. It did not bid for the 4G licence.

Ufone, which had initially bid for the 15 MHz of 3G band, got 5 Mhz band of 3G. However, due to the way it initially bid, it was disqualified for the 4G licence bid.

Telenor Pakistan won a 5 MHz 3G licence.

The government managed to raise $902.8 million from the 3G auction and another $210 million from the 4G licence auction.

Talking to media after the auction, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that the remaining licence in the 1800 MHz band and one license reserved for new entrants will be sold in the coming months, which would fetch additional income.

If sold, the total money raised from the spectrum auction will cross the expected revenue target of $1.3 billion.


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Good news for all the people in Pakistan. Now let's see how they price it. In India, not only 3G in particular, the wireless Internet in general is expensive. The most used plan of Airtel 2G is priced at 199 for 2GB.

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During testing phase here are the different speeds that different companies were offering
Ufone = 19 mbps/s
Telenor = 12 mbps/s
Mobilink = 4.52 mbps/s
Zong = 1.92 mbps/s


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Impressive speeds. Also depend upon the requirements and pricing.

If it remains costly and people don't opt much, speed will be high. Once user base increases FUP and other speed breakers will be applied.