act fibernet upgrades its bangalore plans..

This is my update for act fibernet's bangalore plan: From my 250gb limit(for act swift basic plan) in dec2020, I checked out the limit now(15jan2021) and it shows 500GB, which means they doubled the data limit.
Original monthly data when I purchased the plan(6 month advance plan that had free installation) was 200GB@50mbps, which was more than sufficient for work purpose. It then got upgraded to 250gb@50mbps sometime in late sep2020.
And today(15jan2021), the plan is: 500gb@50mbps, which was clearly a result of many other broadband providers' unlimited offerings. I was expecting act to convert all the plans to truly unlimited, but 500gb is still a large amount of data for 1 month. it comes to more than 16gb per day average limit, which is more than double the data required to watch hd content on tv all day(approx 8hrs). Hope the service doesnt go down and keeps the same level of consistent speeds.


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