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Article Breakaway operators to Launch new MSO in Kolkata

Discussion in 'Digital CATV & IPTV' started by IndianMascot, Dec 23, 2016.

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    The cable television business in Kolkata is set for a major churn with at least five groups of cable operators joining hands to turn multiple-system operators (MSOs).

    The first breakaway group comprising a consortium of nine cable operators lauched Bengal Broadband Cable TV Services Pvt Ltd (BBBC) on Thursday to take on national majors like SitiCable, DEN, Hathway and GTPL.
    Four other operators' groups are expected to launch new MSO operations in the next three-four months.

    With all households in the city already hooked to existing MSOs, BBBC is banking on discontent among cable operators to encourage a switch to its platform to grow in numbers. The 31-odd cable operators that have already made the switch to BBBC bring with them 50,000 subscribers. A large number of operators who have joined BBBC were with SitiCable.

    Breakaway operators to script new multiple-system operators story - Times of India

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