News Linus Torvalds Releases Linux Kernel 4.16


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Other stuff to look forward to in Linux kernel 4.16
  • The AMD GPU DC display code has been improved so as to incorporate better multi-display support. This means that the highest display rate will be used when synchronizing several monitors. The new code also mitigates underflow/corruption problems which manifest as flickering ghosts when elements are moved on the desktop.
  • Operations for in-kernel filesystems will probably become faster thanks to a patch that optimizes the update of inode data and metadata. In some cases, the speed registered in read bandwidth increased to more than 200 percent.
  • There have been updates to the open source Risc V ISA, which was merged in 4.15. However, there are no device drivers yet.
  • Some new devices that are now supported in the mainline kernel include the Orange Pi R1, NVIDIA's Tegra TX2, and the second generation "One by Wacom" tablets.

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