Need Review on In Digital HD Channels

Hi All,

In our locality, Bengaluru we have In Digital, but I am not sure how many of them have opted for HD channels. So, I don't know the quality of these channels.

The people who has the connection of the In Digital, can you please share your reviews about the HD channels Audio and Video Quality of this broadcaster? I am planning to go for HD channels in couple of days so if some one give your opinion on this it will be very helpful. My only concern is whether the HD channels are provided with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound or not.

The main thread of the channel list does not have new HD channels. If I am not wrong In Digital has about 23 or couple of more HD channels available. Can you please update the thread?

Agreed, currently I have Videocon d2H, but year by year the package cost is going high like anything, which worries me more in future. So, thinking to opt for the MSO.

Gopichand Pai

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I haven't used In Digital. My honest opinion is to go for a DTH connection even if you have to shell out more.


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Before moving to DTH, I was using In Digital SD STB till 2011 and the service and clarity of the channels was good. I had taken STB for digital cable way before digitization kicked in and at that time STB price was 650 Rs.

Not sure how is the service now and also yesterday there was a notice saying all Sun Network channels will be put on a-la-carte in Bangalore and Mysore.
Hi All, thanks for your valuable replies. I'll check further and see.

I spoke to the cable operator at my locality, he has two connection with In Digital and Siti. In Digital has about 32 HD channels and Siti has 19 at the moment. He said that, the cost for one year is Rs. 4950/- including the STB and HD access free for one year. So, even for the cable we need to spend about 5000/-.

Day by day the cable or DTH becoming costly for the Middle class people.

Any way thanks for the reply. Will wait for some other members to comment on this.