EntMnt Riser
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Channel NameCurrent MRPNew MRPPrice Difference
Star PlusRs 19Rs 23+Rs 4
Star Plus HDRs 19Rs 25+Rs 6
Star BharatRs 12Rs 12
Star Bharat HDRs 15Rs 12-Rs 3
Star UtsavRs 1Rs 1
Star GoldRs 15Rs 12-Rs 3
Star Gold HDRs 15Rs 19+Rs 4
Star Gold 2Rs 2Rs 2.5+Rs 0.5
Star Gold 2 HD*Rs 4
Star Utsav MoviesRs 1Rs 1
Star Gold SelectRs 2Rs 7+Rs 5
Star Gold Select HDRs 4Rs 8+Rs 4
Star Gold Romance*Rs 2
Star Gold Thrills*Rs 2
Star JalshaRs 19Rs 23+Rs 4
Star Jalsha HDRs 19Rs 25+Rs 6
Jalsha MoviesRs 10Rs 9-Rs 1
Jalsha Movies HDRs 19Rs 19
Jalsha Josh*Rs 2
Star PravahRs 10Rs 19+Rs 9
Star Pravah HDRs 15Rs 21+Rs 6
Pravah Pictures*Rs 1
Pravah Pictures HD*Rs 2
Maa TVRs 19Rs 23+Rs 4
Maa HDRs 19Rs 25+Rs 6
Maa GoldRs 2Rs 1-Rs 1
Maa MusicRs 1Rs 1
Maa MoviesRs 15Rs 12-Rs 3
Maa Movies HDRs 19Rs 19
VijayRs 19Rs 19
Vijay HDRs 19Rs 25+Rs 6
Vijay SuperRs 2Rs 4+Rs 2
Vijay Super HD*Rs 12
Vijay MusicRs 1Rs 1
AsianetRs 19Rs 23+Rs 4
Asianet HDRs 19Rs 25+Rs 6
Asianet PlusRs 5Rs 1-Rs 4
Asianet MoviesRs 15Rs 10-Rs 5
Asianet Movies HD*Rs 19
Star SuvarnaRs 12Rs 15+Rs 3
Star Suvarna HDRs 19Rs 21+Rs 2
Suvarna PlusRs 1Rs 3+Rs 2
Star Kirano*Rs 12
Star Kirano HD*Rs 15
Star MoviesRs 7Rs 3-Rs 4
Star Movies HDRs 15Rs 21+Rs 6
Star Movies Select*Rs 12
Star Movies Select HDRs 8Rs 12+Rs 4
Disney International HDRs 14Rs 15+Rs 1
Star Sports 1Rs 19Rs 23+Rs 4
Star Sports 1 HDRs 19Rs 25+Rs 6
Star Sports 2Rs 6Rs 10+Rs 4
Star Sports 2 HDRs 19Rs 12-Rs 7
Star Sports 3Rs 2Rs 1-Rs 1
Star Sports 1 HindiRs 19Rs 21+Rs 2
Star Sports 1 Hindi HDRs 19Rs 25+Rs 6
Star Sports 1 TamilRs 19Rs 17-Rs 2
Star Sports 1 Tamil HD*Rs 21
Star Sports 1 KannadaRs 19Rs 17-Rs 2
Star Sports 1 TeluguRs 19Rs 19
Star Sports 1 Telugu HD*Rs 21
Star Sports Select 1Rs 19Rs 23+Rs 4
Star Sports Select 1 HDRs 19Rs 25+Rs 6
Star Sports Select 2Rs 7Rs 7
Star Sports Select 2 HDRs 10Rs 10
Star Sports FirstRs 1Rs 0.5-Rs 0.5
National GeographicRs 2Rs 1-Rs 1
National Geographic HDRs 10Rs 8-Rs 2
Nat Geo WildRs 1Rs 0.5-Rs 0.5
Nat Geo Wild HDRs 5Rs 4-Rs 1
Fox LifeRs 1Rs 2+Rs 1
Fox Life HDRs 1Rs 3+Rs 2
Disney ChannelRs 9Rs 10+Rs 1
Disney Channel HD*Rs 12
Super Hungama*Rs 4
Disney JuniorRs 4Rs 4
Hungama TVRs 2Rs 1-Rs 1
Hungama HD*--

In line with Sony Pictures Network, on Friday Star Network also published its new Reference Interconnect Offer (RIO) which includes pricing in accordance with New Tariff Order 2020. Like SPN, Star has also raised the price of its top channels, and has excluded them from bouquets.

The broadcaster has set the price for the standard definition channel as high as $ 23 and high definition channels that cost up to Rs 25 (18 GST added at 18%). Contrary to Sony's RIO, these rates are less expensive because SPN will cost up to the amount of Rs. 25 on SD channels, and the HD channel will cost Rs 30.

Star Plus, Star Jalsha, Mask TV, Asianet, Star Sports 1 and Star Sports Select 1 prices will increase to Rs. 23. Star Plus HD, Star Jalsha HD, Vijay HD, Asianet HD, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 1 Hindi HD, Star Sports Select 1 HD, Maa HD will cost around Rs 25.

Other than these, Star Pravah, Vijay, Star Suvarna, Star Sports 1 Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Star Gold HD, Jalsha Movies HD, Star Survarna HD, Star Movies HD, Disney International HD, Star Sports 1 Tamil HD, Telugu HD, Maa Movies HD, Star Pravah HD, Star Kirano HD and Asianet Movies HD are priced between Rs 13 and Rs 21 , and therefore are accessible to subscribers exclusively via the a la carte option, not via bouquets.
The RIO also confirms it is Star Network is launching 16 new channels on January 24, 2022. The existing 10 channels will be closed or transformed into. In the event of a decision by the Supreme Court on November 30th regarding NTO 2.0 The rates will start to be effective the 1st of December 2021.