News Nudity in Bollywood Movies


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The one who is protesting for these nude scenes is the one who watch more porn than others ;)

Its not like that bro
I watched such scene first time only
I don't watch movies most of the times
That's why I am saying like this

Sanjeev Bhai he is to innocent he never watch movies and or tho nude movies he just close his eyes when any thing suddently happens still he is a kid nipple ki kami hai buss, I have a experience in my last work place 6 years ago my boss Uday Chandran he calls him self and very neat and green gentle man he never abuse any one he dont like ladies who working even if any one lising a sexy song he will make them out on immed basis he never given his mobile to anyone even his wife and kids one day he just suffered with balls pain immed w rush him into the hospital than I taken his mobile to inform his wife just unloked the mobile he is watching porn movie which make him suffer but by look he is gentle man immed I deleted that video and handover his mobile to his family left so all gentle mans has been look like him but music fan is not like that he is pure gentle man :p