News NXTDigital expands its footprint in India with the introduction of 40 new NXTHubs


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The NXTHubs, available online across thirteen states, are equipped with the most modern electronic distribution systems (ADDS).
NXTDigital, the media part from the Hinduja Group, has launched 40 NxtHubs throughout India and has also launched an app that offers value to its last-mile customers or cable operators. The connected digital distribution business provides digital cable, Headend-In The-Sky (HITS) broadband, content, and the possibility of teleshopping.

In August 2000, NXTHubs launched a pilot program in Ranchi with the "Umeedo ki Udaan" tagline. This week, during an evening in Hyderabad, the brand-new 40 NXTHubs were unveiled electronically across 13 states, including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra, and Karnataka, as well as other states.

The NXTHubs is owned managed by the company itself. They're equipped with the most modern Digital Distribution System (ADDS) that provides over the 650 digital TV channels delivered via satellite to cable providers and their consumers.
The operator of HITS downlinks and encrypts every TV channel in the same facility and connects them to satellites (headend that is in the skies) which is transmitted to various headends of digital cable to be distributed to customers via cable.

This plug-and-play solution removes the requirement to purchase headends and other related technologies and permits cable operators to switch to digital. Alongside broadband and video, Nxthubs also offers broadband and video. Nxthubs can be upgraded to provide an array of other services such as OTT as well as WiFi. This year, there will be a total of 100 these Nxthubs are in the company's pipeline.