Update TRAI wants to set minimum speed of 1Mbps for 3G and 56Kbps for 2G connections


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Following complaints about poor mobile Internet download speeds in India, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has started a consultation process, for setting a minimum download speeds of 1Mbps for 3G connections and 56Kbps for 2G connections. Read the consultation paperhere, and submit your views on the questions below by May 5, 2014 and counter comments by May 12, 2014 to advqos@trai.gov.in

Questions for consultation:

1: What are your views on prescribing benchmarks for minimum download speed as above? Please give your comments with justification.

2: Should the service provider be mandated to inform the minimum download speed to customers along with each tariff plan? Please give your comments with justification.

Issues raised in the consultation paper

1. Variance in Mobile Internet speeds offered by Telecom operators in India:

The minimum speed offered currently varies from 21Kbps to 97Kbps on 2G and from 399Kbps to 2.5Mbps on 3G depending on the operator and service area.

What the TRAI wants to do: The TRAI has recommended (and put up for consultation) that telcos should offer a speed of 1Mbps for GSM 3G and CDMA EVDO plans. It has recommended a minimum speed of 512Kbps for CDMA HSD and 56Kbps for GSM 2G and CDMA 1x connections.

How will the speed be measured?

The download speed in these regulations is defined as the data transmission rate that is achieved for downloading a test file from a test server to a test device. The minimum download speed should be calculated from test calls made according to the measurement set-up. Test calls are to be made to weigh the results according to the patterns of real traffic. Minimum download speed shall be the average of the lower 10% of all such test calls.

The test file that is downloaded should be twice the size of the theoretical minimum data speed offered as part of the plan. Also test server should be accessed via an IP address and not as a domain name to eliminate issues related to DNS lookup and DNS caching. These files can be issued from a centralised test server that caters to all service areas or from individual servers in all service areas.

Telcos will need to test the speed at least once a month and should have enough test probes (testing PCs) depending on the number of active users in an area.

For example, in a category A License Service Area (LSA), there has to be at least 1067 test calls for each generation of the technologies. These test calls have to be spread over the LSA covering all the geographical areas (cities/towns) in proportion of the total number of active customers and shall be further proportioned to cover all the plans working in the LSA.

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I have used EDGE for 3 years and 1X for 4 years. At those days they looked slower and today even 4-5 mbps looks slower
Here in India we are facing a great deal of problems while surfing 3G service. We are unable to get the absolutely speed which runs 3G service. The minimum speed of 3G should be 1GB.