Windows 10 to overtake Windows 7


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It appears November 2017 might be the month finally putting an end to the dominance of Windows 7. According to latest stats from StatCounter, the user-favorite operating system from Redmond has seen a drop of 1.32 percentage points last month, now sitting at the market share of 42.67 percent. In comparison, Windows 10 got an additional 1.65 percent of Windows market share, helping it narrow the gap with Windows 7. The newest operating system is now at 40.95 percent.

Since this growth/decline rate has been going on for the past several months, it is highly likely that the next stats that arrive in December will see Windows 10 finally topping the charts. Add in the latest push that reports of Microsoft ending its free upgrade offer may have caused, the growth rate of Windows 10 might even be faster than it has been lately.

Windows 10 Expected to Overtake Windows 7 This November