HELP worst Medical System In Tripura


EntMnt Ace
Due to political issue,The health system of our state is Just Worst than it ever happened.
Even If You go to Any hospital For even a simpler problem(Say for e.g. outdoor Appointment) they will test and say you are positive and will send you to COVID care centre.
No doctor or No Nurse will ever visit you.The sweepers will just deliver medicines.Quality of medicines is below worst........
Till you die,You will be placed in a unhealthy place.And If You die,then you will be considered as COVID dead......Even if you don't....
All private hospitals have stopped recieving patients and refer them to GOVT hospital.And result is what I mentioned...

All evidences are found.
Now It is just for Political issue.What to do now ?

I just Felt like Living in Hell.And the Hell is tripura.

I need Help
(Note: I am Not COVID positive.All are from Real evidences and Known cases.)


EntMnt Ace
No channel from Tripura is there to highlight the local issue.
There is actually one channel available in Tata sky mobile app.The name of the channel is Headlines Tripura.
Tripura CM targeted all media in his recent speech where he blamed all News reporter for spreading fake news.
Just lit the fire.
Now all news channels are against Tripura CM